Why Are My Container Tomatoes So Small?

You’ve just planted your first container of tomatoes and are excited to eat your own food. Growing tomatoes in containers are pretty common for most urban dwellers. But sometimes the results are not the same as tomatoes grown in gardens.

Pests like aphids, mites, and whiteflies can make your tomatoes grow small. The same applies to diseases like a blight that makes tomatoes grow small or fail to produce fruit. 

I would suggest you follow the best practices of growing tomatoes in pots from Stephanie, a regular contributor at backyardgardenersnetwork.org, by addressing these issues and taking proper care of your container tomatoes, you should be able to improve their size and fruit production.

When and How Should Citrus Trees be Fertilized?

Citrus trees, just like all plants, require fertilizers to ensure maximum fruit yields. They are a generous flowering plant in the rue family. They produce a wide range of fruits like oranges, lemons, pomelos, limes, and grapefruits.

For a start, you need to use the right fertilizer type. The best way is to consider a specially formulated citrus fertilizer. Citrus fruits are heavy feeders and require nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

We strongly recommend 16-4-8 fertilizer which provides all the needed nutrients and macronutrients. Some of the required micronutrients are boron, sulfur, iron, copper, manganese, and magnesium.

But knowing the right fertilizer is one thing. You need to know when to fertilize and how to fertilize the trees.