All About Basil: Growing, Propagating, Chopping Freezing | The Complete Guide | Tips and easy ways to get the most out of your basil plants.

This is What Organic Gardeners Do in the Fall | Many gardeners do all the heavy lifting to prepare a garden in spring, but planning and planting a garden in the fall is not only good for your garden, it helps you maintain a garden organically and economically. Read on to see how organic gardeners work the garden in fall, building structure and health as a foundation for the next season #sponsored

The active gardening season is winding down. Youve harvested your vegetables and have been busy putting them up for the winter. But if you want another productive garden next year, dont make the mistake of thinking your job is now complete. What you do now to build healthy soil and put your garden to bed for the winter can make or break next years garden.